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The word virgo is latin for virgin. The word virgin means something that is new, undefiled, uncontaminated. Something that has never been used. So why is this energy called virgo / virgin?  The virgo energy is representative of that part of our inner being that constantly remains pure and undefiled even as we go through the trials and tribulations of life encased in a human body that is limited and subjected to the many foibles of this three-dimensional existence. Some refer to this part of our being as soul or spirit. Whatever name we use to refer to this part of our being one must remember that we are in essence a spark of the creator of all having a physical expression as homo-sapiens.

In biblical Hebrew this virgo energy is called Betulah which also means virgin. An analysis of this word reveals much that is beyond the scope of this short essay; suffice to say however Betulah is made up of two words. Beth which means house and Ulah meaning pure water (referring to the life force) So decoded this is telling us that virgo is a reservoir for the pure, undefiled, life-force-energy of God. This energy is symbolized as a female virgin that holds the esoteric mysteries of transformation and perfection of the soul personality leading to the attainment of the Christ-consciousness. This is why Yeheshua (Jesus) who attained this Christ-consciousness is said to have been born of a virgin.

Let us remember that the word Christ is not a name. It is a title or office that as incarnated beings we must someday in the great ocean of cosmic time attain to.

Virgo which holds this secret is but another aspect of the Divine-feminine known by many different names in many different cultures of the world.

For centuries the dark rulers of this world have attempted to suppress the true knowledge of the Divine-feminine but as a true trooper she continues to reassert her influence. To ignore her sacred influence would be to our own peril.

In terms of gematria (the science of numbers) Betulah has a numerical value of 443. 443 is also the numerical value of the word Beth-el meaning house of God. This is a coded suggestion that virgo the virgin has an intimate connection with this pure and undefiled light-force of God.

As we attune with and are moving in harmony with this virgo-energy it awakens within us the virtues of altruism, the perfection and strengthening of character, healing of the psyche especially in terms of clearing the blockages that keeps us separated from others and the light. It awakens within us also the power of forgiveness for as we forgive others we inevitably open ourselves to divine forgiveness.

This divine forgiveness is tied-in with the other phase of the Divine-feminine power and her scales of justice as we encounter her again in the sign of Libra.

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