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The energy of Leo is one of dominion, strength, power, courage, etc. The totem symbol of Leo is the lion which typifies these qualities most adequately. Sense ancient times the lion has always been a symbol of strength, power, majesty, and with its title of “king of the jungle” personifies the quality of leadership.

While the lion is a predatory animal I can also see it not so much from a sense of fear but also from a sense of awe (reverence) and respect. On a non-physical level of reality (in which my mind occasionally tends to dwell ) I can see the lion in terms of the great lion named Aslan in C.S.Lewis’s  the chronicles of Narnia. A lion that is strong, royal and regal with a strong sense of justice and benevolence.

IT is from this other-worldly look at the lion that I believe it was used not only to symbolize an aspect of the zodiac but used also as honored titles. Titles such as “The lion of Judah, the lion of god, and the lion hearted” epitomizes this idea.

LEO is the month of full-blown summer when the sun (the ruler of Leo) is over head in full expression. This energetic period lends it self to fun, pleasure, entertainment, out-door activities, love and romance, games-of-chance and being in the lime light.

As the sun is the center of our solar system and is the source of light and life; it is of vital importance to know in which astrological house the sun was located at the time of your birth. This will indicate the area of life in which you will shine; where you will enjoy expressing your true self and which will be easier for you to do so. For example if at your birth your sun was in your second house it can indicate your desire and ability to make money in almost anything you endeavor thereby establishing a strong material foundation for self or family.

IF for example  your sun was in your third house it may indicate you have the innate ability to communicate. That you can be an excellent speaker or teacher having the mental ability to comprehend and to articulate complex ideas with simplicity. This is how practical astrological knowledge can be.

During this time of LEO special types of meditation can be done to attract or enhance one’s fame, honour & recognition, strength, courage, position of authority and leadership. The downside or dark side of this energy however is that it can influence one to become vain, pompous, overly concern about status, egotistical with a tendency to cut down others in order to big-up one’s self especially in the sight of others.

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