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Scorpio is the search for spiritual transformation and regeneration. During this  time period in the northern hemisphere the light of the sun begins to wane.This results in longer periods of darkness and shorter periods of light. Animals begin there period of hibernation; The leaves of the trees begins to fall. It is as though the very Light-Life-Force retreats for the coming months leaving us in darkness without the light of the sun (the giver of life) This is why the idea of death is attributed to Scorpio.

In Hebrew this time-period of Scorpio is called cheshvan and has a numerical value of 364. 364 is also the numerical value of the words Aur Mopla meaning the hidden light. This is coded language emphasizing the idea of the diminishing life force of not only the physical sun but also the spiritual sun.

The energy of Scorpio if not properly understood can seem to be somewhat perplexing and or contradictory. The Scorpio energy in dramatic ways demonstrates the dual nature of the Life-Force of God if you will. On the one hand when this energy is unbalanced within us it can lead to a metaphorical death of the spirit, degeneration, self subversion and isolation. However it is this very same Scorpio energy which we must use in order to achieve transformation, regeneration and liberation from the darkness that may engulf us.

This concept is hinted at in the Lord’s prayer when it says to God “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” The same power which can lead us on a downward spiral to degeneration is the same power which when used with knowledge and positive intentions can lead us upward to psychological and spiritual liberation and at-one-ment with the Light.

We can best understand this seeming contradictory nature of Scorpio by an analysis of some of the symbols traditionally attributed to this energy.

The totem symbol of Scorpio is of course the infamous scorpion. The scorpion like the serpent on one level is coded spiritual talk for the sexual organs. 

Astrologically Scorpio also governs the sexual organs. When there is an emission of the sexual energy during sexual intercourse there is a lost of a quantum of the creative life-force residing in the sperm which could otherwise be turned up and used to enliven the psycho-spiritual centers within thereby bringing about degrees of spiritual enlightenment. The wanton loosing of this creative life-force through ejaculation is in a spiritual-alchemical sense referred to as being stung by the scorpion or a lost of the serpent energy. So this Scorpio-Scorpion-sexual energy has the ability to lead us on a path of transformation and enlightenment or on a path of degeneration and spiritual death. We have a choice. Reference REV9. 1-6

People whose personalities are solely base at this scorpion level are usually persons who are overly suspicious, secretive, vindictive, manipulative and have an unbalance obsession with sex and death.

Other symbols of Scorpio are the eagle and the phoenix. These winged creatures represents transcendence; that is the idea of raising one’s energy and consciousness from the mundane through to the celestial. The eagle has always been a symbol of soaring freedom and of seeing the dynamics of life from higher heights.

The phoenix (a mythical bird) has always been a symbol of resurrection and the immortality of the soul; being reborn from the ashes of old and worn-out vessels.

All of these symbols are emblematic of the dual energy nature of Scorpio.

On more mundane levels we can utilize this Scorpio time period to successfully deal with matters such as legacies, trust-funds, wills, taxes, insurance matters, hidden assets, alimony, inheritance, surgery, etc.

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