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Scorpio dealt with our sexual nature and the use of the sexual energy to bring about degrees of spiritual enlightenment and transformation. Now in Sagittarius it is a search for spiritual education, understanding and divine wisdom. Sagittarius comes from the word Sagitta meaning arrow, swift, sharp, aimed at a mark. These definitions define the essential nature of the Sagittarian energy. This energy gives us the ability to cut through the limitations of the objective senses and put us in touch with the realms of visions, intuition and higher aspirations. The word Sagitta in turn comes from the word Sagio which means to perceive quickly, to feel keenly. This again reinforces the essential nature of the Sagittarian energy having to do with vision and spiritual perception.

Sagittarius gives us the ability to tap into our higher mind which deals with intuition, higher morals,ethics and higher ideals. It is the energy that predominantly influences the philosopher, the psychologist, religion and clergy, the metaphysician and the visionary. Some titles which exemplifies this energy are The Spiritual teacher, The pointer, Divine wisdom, Daughter of the reconcilers, The centaur.

As usual we can best understand the nature of zodiacal energies by an analysis of there totem symbols. The totem symbol of Sagittarius is of course the Centaur; part horse, part human with a bow shooting an arrow towards the heavens. The horse is representative of our lower animal nature with the desire to roam, to be free, to move and travel anywhere and to mate with the opposite sex with unbridled passion. This unbridled passion however must be tamed and brought under the control of the intelligence and reason (The human) as the rider must master his horse. Once this is accomplish the human or native of Sagittarius begins to aspire towards higher achievement; higher levels of consciousness ( The arrow) The arrow is also a symbol of the evolved Sagittarian’s potential for prophecy and knowing the future. It represents the spirit always looking up, ahead and away from outworn, rigid,limited and boxed-in mode of thinking and belief systems.

Some of the positive characteristics of the native Sagittarian and others in whom this energy is manifesting in balance proportion are being straightforward, broadminded, philosophical, freedom loving, generous, optimistic, religious and or spiritual. Some of the negative characteristics can be argumentative, procrastinating, self-indulgent, blunt, impatient, hotheaded, a gambler.  On practical and mundane levels we can take advantage of this Sagittarian time-period and energy to successfully deal with matters pertaining to distant travel, legal matters, commerce, imports and exports, foreign dealings,establishing better relations with in-laws and grandchildren.

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