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The largest part of the Piscean period falls in the month of March. March is derived from the Latin word Margo. Margo means boundary, border, edge, limit. As the last sign of the Zodiac Pisces marks the metaphorical boundary or limits of the Light-Life-Force only to start a new cycle of activity again in Aries. The word Margo also relates to the idea of confinement. This is why the influence of Pisces has been traditionally associated with places of confinement such as Prisons and Hospitals.

In Hebrew the word for Pisces is Dagim meaning fishes. The Totem symbol for Pisces are of course two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Fishes are symbolic of fertility, renewal, spiritual sustenance and rebirth. Water is symbolic of the depths of the unconscious, the life force (as in the waters of life) water is also associated with the emotional nature. Two fishes moving in opposite directions is in reference to the duality of the psychic nature of the Piscean. Some of the gifts or blessings that Pisces bestows upon us and in particular its children are compassion, sympathy, intuition and very strong psychic sensitivity which are in reality extensions of the five physical senses. This astrological activity is encoded in the bible narrative of Jesus feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fishes. (Mark 6:38-41)

This abundance of increase psychic and emotional sensitivity can become for the average Piscean a blessing or a curse. On the one hand is the strong desire to use these gifts for true spiritual growth and development or to just indulge in lower psychism dealing with the denizens of the lower astral worlds. This in essence is the balancing of the left and right hemisphere of the brain; The balancing of the Divine and the human; It is the eternal struggle between good and evil; between God and the Devil taking place within our individual psyche.

It is said that Pisces rules the feet; this speaks to the idea that since Pisces like Cancer is strongly influence by the element of water (the emotions) they are generally comfortable living in the emotional, intuitive and psychic side of their nature. This however can cause them to be un-grounded when it comes to practical matters. They can float along with their strongest instinctive feelings which many times are unconsciously motivated by daydreams, fantasies and spaciness which are some of the darker aspects of the Piscean energy. One of the biggest life lessons for the native of Pisces is summed up in the words “Becoming Grounded.”

One of the best ways to achieve a sense of being grounded is walking bear feet on the earth; lying on the earth; hugging a tree; doing some gardening. These activities tends to bring a sense of stability and grounding.

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