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The month of libra is a search for balance and equilibrium. Its energy has to do with justice, fairness and the bringing of balance-harmony. It is no wonder that the symbol for this energy is the scales. It is interesting to note that the word libra is latin for pound, and pound is the unit of weight for the scales.

In the mystical teachings is a profound statement which says ” man’s deeds are weighed upon the scales of libra”. Libra is a period of judgment; an energy period when the whole of creation goes through an energetic readjustment, a recalibrating so to speak. Libra represents the weighing and measuring of our deeds upon its scales of justice. This has to do with the idea of karma; karma is not so much punishment but a way of bringing balance and equilibration be it individually or collectively.

In the Hebrew / Aramaic language Libra is known as the month of Thishrei which embodies the idea of a time of atonement. This is also the process of balancing one’s past deeds; a time of redeeming oneself; to make right if you will in order to become in harmonious attunement with the light-life-force. Note that the word atonement is really at-one-ment; the process of becoming at one with.

The idea of a final judgment has been part of the belief structure of religions ever since time immemorial, that this final judgment will take place at the end of time.

I don’t envision an end of time scenario however I do believe that the idea of judgment happens every year during the cosmic cycle of Libra.

One of the basic universal laws we are all govern by is the law of cause and effect. Every time we act in uncivilized manner such as cheat, steal, abuse or murder another for example we create a negative energy field of darkness that clings to us. This negative force then becomes the unseen magnet that draws to us many of the misfortunes that tends to befall us. Every action we perform whether good or bad is like a boomerang we fling out into the universe which like the perverbial rooster always comes back home to roost.

The time of year in which this karmic activity takes place is in Libra. At this time universal and cosmic law is structured in such a manner that the consequences of our deeds returns to us to be addressed. The lords of karma residing in Libra determines our fate for the next twelve months; whether we live or die, health or sickness, prosperity or lack but all this is predicated on the causes we had previously set into motion.

Bad karma can be adjusted or modified. While we do not escape the results of our past actions we can soften the impact of its effects. How can this be done?

By forgiving those who may have wronged us. By doing as much good deeds as possible to balance the wrongs we may have done whether in this life or in previous ones. This is referred to as sweetening the judgment.

Of course there are kabbalistic meditations which is part of the spiritual component of this process but this is more suitable for class or group discussion.

The Tarot (tah-row) equivalent of Libra is tarot key # 11 appropriately called Justice. This archetype is female. She is another aspect of same female archetype we left in Virgo. In the esoteric mysteries she is called Daughter of the lords of truth. She inspires us to take responsibility for our own life and for the outcome and consequences of our actions. In this sense she is the principle of cosmic and individual equilibrium personified. In Egyptian mythology she is Ma’at who is usually considered as the Goddess of truth.

Other occult (hidden) titles that exemplify the nature of Libra are The judge, The jury, Ruler of the balance, Lords of destiny.

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