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In reference to my last blog on the month of Aries the question was ask as to whether the knowledge of, and the connecting to the influence of a zodiacal energy only pertains to persons born under that particular sign. The answer to this is no. Connecting to the energy of each zodiacal month should be the practice of every spiritual aspirant regardless of whatever sign we were born under. Why? because we have all twelve zodiacal energies within us. We have within us the twelve body meridians which acts as channels of ingress for the sound-light-frequencies of the twelve constellations. There is also the relationship of the six strand double-helix DNA system which has a metaphysical connection to the twelve constellations. Of course the fact that you were born under a particular energy-sign means that  that energy is more predominant within you and that in this lifetime you have the special lessons of that energy-sign to learn.

The above statements concerning the constellations is I believe what the bible was referring to in coded language when it says ” The tree of life which bares 12 manner of fruits and yielded her fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” Rev 22:2

Taurus is the second month of the astrological year. In the physical world the energy of Taurus has to do with things like your financial affairs, possessions, investments, your ability to earn money, etc.  Taurus is the archetypal source of power for the financial world. Taurus is the most ideal time of the year to connect with source in order to improve one’s financial condition especially during the first two nights of the new moon that brings in the month of Taurus. In Hebrew this month of Taurus is called Iyar.

There is a reason why in the middle of the financial district in New York there is the statue of the bull symbol of Taurus. This was not put there by mistake or by chance. It is an actual homage to the taurian influence. This is why in the world of finance we hear the saying “A bull market” which speaks of financial growth and prosperity.

This science has always been used by the rulers of this planet to there advantage while at the same time they dumb-down mass humanity through politics, religion, and mass media to pay no attention to this Gnosis; this divine and celestial science.

The bull of Taurus symbolizes power, strength, fertility, virility and reproduction.  The energetic influence of Taurus can also bestow on us physical strength and healing, stability in your life conditions, also sensuality and artistic expression. 

During the month of Taurus may you experience financial prosperity, strength and healing and the pleasures of life with all of its sensual delights.


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