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When speaking about zodiacal months and cycles we are really talking about cycles of time in which certain types of cosmic energy is made available to the planet.
GOD (that is the big G the source of all) bestows its blessings upon us at all times but it does this in the form of frequencies of energies that we can tap into to manifest our dreams.

Gemini is the third month of the zodiacal year. From a spiritual point of view one of the primary intent of the Gemini influence is to help us establish right communications with the non-physical dimensions; That is the physical world linking with the non-physical worlds. Put another way it is an opportunity where-by we can establish conscious connection with the light. This idea is reflected in the archetypal symbol of Gemini; The Twins. This Twin male-female symbol of Gemini represents the principle of polarity which is one of the cosmic laws upon which all creation  is    built. One of the tenets of this universal law is that everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites.
Male-Female; Light-Dark; Night-Day; God-Devil  etc.

In the constellation of Gemini are the two stars which in Greek mythology were called Castor and Pollux . Castor referring to the higher self, the higher mind or divine self and Pollux referring to the lower self, the physical human self with all of its frailties. All of these polarity metaphor are referring to the idea that we will eventually have to come to understand and to harmoniously blend the physical and spiritual sides of our being; just like the need to blend the activities of the two hemispheres of the brain (which incidentally is a  Gemini-mercury activity) thereby establishing a clear line of communication between our logical objective thinking self and our intuitive super-conscious or God-self.

It is interesting to note that the Torah or Law which according to the mystical teachings of the Hebrews is a coded and cryptic spiritual technology of how to establish connection and communication with the Light was given to humanity in the month of Gemini. ( Gemini in Hebrew is called Sivan. )   metaphysically this is seen again as a linking of the upper and lower worlds.  Some of the ancient attributions that exemplifies the nature of the Gemini energy are The connection; Duality; Twining and the alchemical marriage.
Whereas in Aries we had the masculine archetype. In Taurus we had the feminine archetype. Now in Gemini we have the idea of integration hence the twins and the philosophy of the alchemical marriage. On the physical level society usually designates this period of Gemini (primarily the month of June) as the month of marriage and weddings. Question; Is this mealy by coincidence?

When we are moving in harmony with this Gemini-mercury energy (Mercury rules Gemini) it bestows upon us the powers of reconciliation and peace between the sexes; The power of verbal communication and dialogue; The powers of diplomacy and the ability to broker deals; The power of discernment and success in all things dealing with travel and transporting.

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