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Each zodiacal month because of its particular light-energy frequency has its own unique blessings or spiritual gifts to bestow upon us.
That being the case it is essential for us to have an understanding of the energy of each zodiacal month which according to Hebrew kabbalah begins at every new moon.

Since Aries is the beginning of the zodiacal months we will start with a practical understanding of Aries.

Why is Aries the beginning of the months? It is because the nature of the energy of Aries is one of liberation, renewal, transformation and rebirth. A time of new beginnings as when the sun (the source of planetary life) rises out of the darkness of the winter months bringing a burst of new life to nature.

There are biblical references to this in the book of Esther 3:7, “in the first month, that is the month of Nissan/Aries.”

In the book of Exodus 12:2, “this month shall be unto you the beginning of months it shall be the first month of the year to you.”

Also in Exodus 13:4, “this day came ye out in the month Abib /spring /Aries.”

In Astro-physiology Aries rules the head just as Aries is the head of the months. As the head of the months the energy of Aries is also associated with system, regulation, management,  super-vision and order. It is a time an energy for bringing order into our lives for the rest of the year. If you affect the head (Aries) you affect the rest of the body (the rest of the months).

Attuning our being with the Mars/Aries energy gives us also the opportunity for removing those elements and conditions that hinders our material and spiritual progress and well-being. It is an energy made available to us by Divine-mind that we can use to bring us freedom from oppression, fear, and being a slave to unwanted conditions and circumstances. This is why we read in the book of Exodus the allegorical story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt during the month of Nissan / Aries.

Please note that this story is an allegory. It was never meant to be taken literally. It is a symbolic and coded story which when understood metaphysically gives us the keys to liberate our-selves from our personal Egypt. Egypt in Hebrew is Mitzraim which means narrow straits. It is symbolically referring to those conditions in life that shuts us in; those conditions that sets boundaries and limitations; those conditions that restrains us from moving forward and upward.

The mars / Aries energy is what gives us the impetus to push pass our limitations. To liberate ourselves from whatever keeps us in servitude, addiction, repression or oppression. When ever we are in bondage to our self-imposed human frailties or are under the boot of a tyrannical government for example, it is time to attune with and invoke the severity of the mars /Aries energy to help in our liberation from such conditions. Some of the old archetypal titles attributed to and which exemplifies the nature of the Aries energy are (1) chief among the mighty ones. (2) the conqueror. (3) the warrior. (4) he who sees and sets in order. In terms of polarity the Aries energy is masculine. It is aggressive and competitive. It instills within us the virtue of self confidence. It helps us to be decisive, assertive and courageous; empowering us to do new and heroic things.

There are generally two major ways of connecting to these planetary and zodiacal energies (1) meditation (2) ritual. We will focus on the meditations as a means of connection. As a kabbalist I of course make use of the Hebrew divine and angelic names and symbols associated with the planets and zodiacal signs.

If you are interested in receiving these monthly zodiacal meditations send me an email.

As an addendum to this article on decoding Aries I would like to suggest you watch on YouTube the allegorical story of Jonathan Livingston seagull. It is narrated by the late Richard Harris and epitomizes the type of struggle for freedom and liberation that is spoken of in this article.

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