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Capricorn is the energy that gives us the virtues of self-discipline, self-control, the sense of responsibility, patience and the strong desire to achieve.In Hebrew, the sign of Capricorn is called Gedi meaning kid or young goat. This goat is the wild mountain goat which loves to climb onto steep inaccessible places. This is symbolic of man moving into higher states of consciousness. It is the upward urge of the soul towards the ever-present light-source (GOD) so that the Cosmic-Christ force can be born within. This is the deeper meaning of the mass of the Christ or Christmas season which is always celebrated during this time period of Capricorn.

The traditional totem symbol of Capricorn however, is the goat-fish (upper part goat, lower part fish) The goat part refers to the mountain goat as was explained above. In terms of the fish part, it must be realized that the fish is symbolic of fertility, renewal and rebirth. Fishes live in water. Water is symbolic of the emotional and psychic nature of our being. It relates to our feelings, intuition and the depth of our subconscious mind which is the link between our physical and divine nature. So this totem symbol suggests that the Capricorn influence has the potential to bestow upon us the ability to use our intuitive and feeling nature to access the recesses of the unconscious and in turn awaken the Christ within. Christ in you the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27) 

Capricorn however, is an earth sign and is ruled by Saturn. In times gone by Saturn was called the greater malefic because its energy is that of setting limits and restrictions on movements. Some of the old titles attributed to Saturn are The slain God, The restrainer, The taskmaster, The tester. It is not surprising then that Saturn / Capricorn is also linked with the Satan principle. The title Satan means adversary or he who opposes. In a court of law, he would the prosecutor. This title also refers to our shadow side. It is the undeveloped, unlived aspects of our personality. It is the voice within us makes us doubt our higher potentials. It is times of depression, anger, jealousy, worry, fear, false-pride. It is our runaway ego that stirs up within us the desire to receive for the self alone as oppose to the desire to receive for the sake of sharing. This refers not only to individuals but also to social, political, national and international levels.

In the evolutionary journey of life experiences the job of the Saturn / Capricorn energy is to maintain our limits and our structures on all levels until we are experienced enough, psychologically and spiritually strong enough to change and go beyond our self-imposed concepts and paradigm. Put another way this energetic influence is part of our inbuilt safety system. When we try to change existing archetypal patterns in our consciousness and life conditions it is the Cosmic mandate of the Saturn / Capricorn energy to throw as it were something in our way to test and verify that we are indeed ready to move on. That something can be individuals, situations or circumstances.

Remember Saturn / Capricorn is that part of the Divine mind that acts as The Tester, The Sa-tan; The one who challenges our realities. This archetypal energy within us helps us to grow by working with and through the trials and vicissitudes of life. In the grand Cosmic scheme of things, this seemingly antagonistic power is as necessary as the breathing of air is to living.

On more practical and mundane levels we can take advantage of this Capricorn time period to be successful in matters pertaining to your profession, your reputation, your standing in the community (like politicians) promotions, dealings with the government or any other authority figures over you. Remember Saturn / Capricorn also deals with the material world and the establishment this is why one of its old titles was “Lords of the gates of matter”.

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