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The traditional symbol of Cancer is the crab . The crab is a symbol of inconstancy. It is subject to change of purpose or opinion,  can appear to be fickle , that is not firm or resolute. When observing the movement of the crab one sees that it continuously moves sideways, forwards and backwards. This demonstrates the nature of the typical cancerian, that is there is a shyness and a desire to avoid conflict at all cost. Cancerians are by nature non-confrontational.

The crab has a hard shell covering and a soft belly. This suggest that cancer and cancerians can be very emotionally sensitive and so needs the security of the shell (house /home) to withdraw into for the purpose of self-protection. This is why astrologically speaking the sign of cancer is said to have ruler-ship over the house and home.

This need of the cancerian to withdraw into a sort of psychological cocoon for protection can come with a price; It can cause the native of the energy-sign to have difficulty in social interaction. They can have a tendency to be very self-conscious around other people and can become blocked in expressing them selves making it difficult for others to communicate with them.

Cancer is the great archetypal cosmic mother principle. Cancer is that aspect of the one unified source energy we humans call GOD. It is from this aspect of the God-force that we receive spiritual nourishment, sustenance, compassion, etc.

This energy period of cancer is a time when domestic concerns such as personal protection and security becomes strong motivational forces within us.

This cosmic influence of cancer can stimulate within us the desire for gathering material things for the home and personal comfort.

The down-side of this energy-influence however is that it can cause one to swing to the extreme where physical things and personal possessions becomes the center of interest. That is a time of increased greed, selfishness and fear of loss.

Some of the positive attributes of the cancer influence are increased intuitive and psychic abilities; a heighten sense of the maternal and sympathetic instinct; the bestowing of good memory.

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