Kabbalah Metaphysics 137

The knowledge we impart, the information we provide, and the tools we share must have practical results in our life, results we can feel...

Astro Spiritual Science

One of the ways in which the light and blessings of God influences our lives is through the monthly-zodiacal-cycles. According to Traditional Hebrew Kabbalah each new cycle or new month begins at every new-moon which in Hebrew is known as Rosh-Chodesh.

In essence what we are dealing with here in terms of these monthly-zodiacal-cycles is an availability of energy. I believe that this power we call God gives us everything we need by making these energies available to  us. It is then up to  us to connect with and move in sync with these energies to manifest peace and fulfillment in our lives.

Each zodiacal month because of its particular Energy-Frequency has its own unique blessings and gifts to share with us.

In the book of Revelations we are given a clue to this cosmic phenomenon when it refers to a tree which bares 12 manner of fruits and that this tree yields her fruits every month and that the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Rev 22:2.

This verse is of course symbolic and in coded language. The fruits of the tree which is available every month is obviously  the 12 frequencies of Light-Energy which we can utilize to heal different areas of our life-experiences.

The leaves of the tree is symbolic of growth, abundance and achievement when we make positive use of these energies.

The healing of the nations not only refers to the nations of planet earth but is also referring to the various parts of our bodies which has an Energetic connection to and is  under the ruler ship of these Zodiacal Intelligences.

The understanding of this knowledge is of vital importance for it is this Esoteric knowledge that gives us the keys to connect to our celestial and Divine sources of power without which we will continue to be victims of life’s conditions and circumstances.

Astro Spiritual Science