Kabbalah Metaphysics 137

The knowledge we impart, the information we provide, and the tools we share must have practical results in our life, results we can feel...


From the outset I would like to emphasize that what we are all trying to achieve on this soul-journey is a unity and oneness with the source.

We can call this source God, Divine Mind, Omnipotence etc.

Kabbalah refers to this source of power as:

               Ain: No thing

               Ain sof: Limitless

               Ain Sof Aur: Limitless Light

In other words this power (God) is boundless, formless, limitless. No-Thing that we can put our fingers on and say this is it.

I believe that what we call God is the life-force which permeates everything and all aspects of creation. This life force is pure energy, pure consciousness, non-corporeal. It can neither be grasped nor be comprehended in its fullness that is, in its totality. However we can connect to this source of light and power through its channels of manifestations.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah these channels of light-manifestations are the 10 sephiroth on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the 12 Zodiacal portals, the 7 traditional planets and the 4 elements.

These channels are like reservoirs of Light-Energy and together with the Esoteric teachings of the Tarot-Archetypes they provide a rich source of practical spiritual knowledge that one can  harness and apply to bring success and fulfillment into our lives.

According to Kabbalah there are ten dimensions of Energy-consciousness  that make up our reality and goes into the Creation of all Existence.

These various dimensions of Energy-Consciousness are called Sephirah (singular) and Sephiroth (plural) meaning Emanations of the light.

Each Sephirah or Sphere acts like a metaphysical transformer or breaker in that they step down the intensity of the Energy-light-force into frequencies our consciousness can safely handle.

These individual sephirah together make up what is called The Tree of Life or in Hebrew The Etz-Chayim.

To those who might be new to this philosophical paradigm, these Ten Sepheres can be liken to a mansion with ten rooms. Each room  having its own unique gifts or treasures to bestow upon  us.

Each room also has its own unique key to unlock its door so we can access its gifts or treasures.

More will be added to this page concerning the meditations to connect to these spheres. The keys to unlock the doors to each sphere and the type of energy we can access in each sphere.

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